Employer in HK demands university degree, excellent English, and offers HK$10,000 salary for foreign domestic helper

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30th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A foreign employer in Hong Kong sparked controversy by posting a job advertisement on a local Hong Kong Domestic Helpers Facebook page. The employer demanded a foreign domestic helper who is a university graduate, possesses excellent English language skills, and is willing to work for a mere HK$10,000 per month. The post received numerous sarcastic comments from netizens and domestic helpers alike, highlighting the unreasonableness of the offer.

The employer specified certain requirements for the potential candidate. Firstly, the applicant must currently be in Hong Kong and have successfully completed their previous contract. Additionally, the employer expected the helper to be available to start work in either March or April. Moreover, the employer insisted on a university degree or a qualification in education or teaching, emphasizing the need for academic credentials. Fluency in English was another essential criterion, as the helper would be responsible for tasks requiring excellent language skills. The employer also requested that the helper have Fridays off and possess a referral letter.

The duties outlined in the job advertisement included taking care of a 3-year-old child, dropping off and picking up the child from school, managing household shopping and preparing healthy meals, organising activities and providing tutoring, as well as performing general housekeeping tasks.

The employer instructed interested candidates to send a private message containing specific details. This included confirmation of their current presence in Hong Kong, completion of a previous contract, and their availability to start working. The employer also required copies of the candidate’s qualifications and referral letter. Lastly, the employer requested a voice clip of the candidate introducing themselves, with a maximum duration of two minutes. The employer emphasized that messages missing any of the four required points would not receive a response.

The response from netizens and domestic helpers to the job advertisement was overwhelmingly critical. Many expressed sarcastic disbelief at the employer’s high expectations juxtaposed with the extremely low salary offer. Some commented that the stress and demands of the job would be worth at least HK$10,001. Others suggested that if the employer had such high standards, they should hire a professional teacher who could also cook for the family.