Employer at wit’s end as new foreign domestic helper ‘plays dead’ on the floor, netizens offer creative solutions to solve the issue


4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent post on the Facebook group, a member shared their frustration with her new foreign domestic helper, who had only been working for the family for two weeks before expressing a desire to quit. The employer had spoken with the agency about the issue, but the situation has only gotten worse. The foreign domestic helper would lie down on the floor whenever she was unhappy, and refused to get up when asked to do so. This behaviour has left the employer feeling helpless.

In addition to this, the employer’s domestic helper who is believed to be a muslim has religious dietary restrictions and cannot eat pork. This has led to the family eating only vegetables and fish. The employer is unsure how to handle the situation, as firing the foreign domestic helper would require providing a month’s notice and purchasing a return ticket.

After reading the post, many members of the Facebook group empathised with the employer and offered potential solutions. Some suggested calling an ambulance or emergency services to scare the foreign domestic helper into behaving better. Others proposed more creative solutions, such as drawing a box on the floor and requiring the foreign domestic helper to stay inside it, or purchasing a cheap plane ticket with multiple layovers for the foreign domestic helper to return home.