Employees with Amber codes must be allowed to work, no paid leave or sick leave should be deducted


14th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) The government implemented the “3+4” quarantine arrangement for overseas arrivals and the Red and Amber health codes were also introduced. The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Chris Sun Yuk-han said during a TV program today (14th) that employees with Amber codes are eligible for work, and employers are not allowed to deduct their salaries via paid leave or sick leave.

Regarding the quality and waiting time of residential care homes for the elderly, he pointed out that for some elderly persons who do not need to be admitted immediately will be provided with benefits such as community care vouchers. Meanwhile, elderly care homes have been facing shortage of manpower for a long time. During the fifth wave of the epidemic, practitioners from the mainland came to Hong Kong to assist. He will review the relevant data again and he emphasised that local employment is still the priority. if the manpower is still considered tight later, other methods must be considered.