Emotionally distressed woman rescued by rowing club staff after jumping into Shing Mun River at Shek Mun Rowing Centre


13th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) At approximately 10am, a woman suddenly approached the floating bridge at Shing Mun River, located opposite the HKCRA Jockey Club Shek Mun Rowing Centre. Appearing to be in a state of emotional distress, she was seen weeping before leaping into the river.

Thankfully, a male staff member from the rowing club noticed the situation and promptly sprang into action. He rushed to the riverbank, where he managed to pull the distressed woman out of the water and onto the bridge. Recognising the gravity of the situation, he immediately reported the incident to the authorities for further assistance.

Soon after, firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene. The woman, although conscious, was drenched from head to toe and continued to sob uncontrollably. In light of her condition, she was swiftly transferred to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin for a thorough examination. The exact reasons behind her decision to jump into the river remain unknown and are subject to investigation by law enforcement officials.

If you have suicidal tendencies or depression, please call the 24-hour multi-lingual hotline at The Samaritans Hong Kong : 28960000.