Embattled Christian Zheng Sheng College to cease operations on 7th July

Insert picture: Jacob Lam Hay-sing (right) and Alman Chan (left).

7th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Christian Zheng Sheng College, operated by the Christian Zheng Sheng Association, will suspend its operations on 7th July. The college has been embroiled in a donation fraud case, leading to the arrest or extradition of several high-ranking officials and leaving the association financially constrained. Facing significant challenges and a lack of funds in recent times, the board of directors has made the decision to temporarily halt the school’s operations starting next month, with student arrangements pending government follow-up. The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority confirmed that the college owes approximately HK$210,000 in MPF contributions and additional fees to around 20 employees for the period from February to April this year.

Lee Kwok-kei, the Executive Director of the board of directors, stated that due to the events earlier this year, the college was unable to reopen its accounts, resulting in limited funds to continue paying staff salaries. Therefore, the board of directors has decided to suspend the school’s operations from 7th July onwards. The association will also expedite the settlement of severance payments and all outstanding salaries.

Chui Hong-sheung, the school supervisor, mentioned that the college’s account currently holds about HK$100,000. However, this amount can only cover urgent expenses such as utilities and student meals, and it is uncertain how long the remaining balance can sustain the school. Chui further revealed that there are currently eight staff members and ten students remaining, with several teachers having already resigned. The remaining teachers are insufficient to maintain the school’s normal teaching functions, and some subjects are now without instructors. Regarding the future arrangements for the remaining students, Chui stated that it depends on the arrangements made by government departments such as the Narcotics Division and the Education Bureau.

The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority confirmed that the college failed to remit MPF contributions and additional fees for the period from February to April this year, amounting to around HK$210,000. The authority will assist affected employees in recovering the owed contributions and fees. Currently, no complaints have been received from employees of Christian Zheng Sheng College.

In the event that Christian Zheng Sheng College is ultimately liquidated due to insolvency, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority will represent affected employees in submitting claims for the outstanding contributions and fees to the liquidator or bankruptcy administrator.

Previously, Christian Zheng Sheng College was implicated in a suspected donation fraud case, with law enforcement agencies announcing the extradition requests for Jacob Lam Hay-sing, Alman Chan, and Chan Yau-chi, three directors residing overseas, in January this year. Since the incident, the college’s finances and operations have been significantly affected. In March this year, the government proactively allocated over HK$1 million in emergency aid from the Beat Drugs Fund (BDF) to sustain the college’s normal operations.