Elon Musk resolves dispute with California bakery following cancelled Tesla order

Elon Musk

26th February 2024 – (San Jose) Billionaire Elon Musk has stepped in to rectify a situation involving a California bakery after Tesla abruptly canceled a substantial order. The small bakery, Giving Pies, faced significant financial repercussions due to the unexpected cancellation, costing the owner thousands of dollars. However, Musk has pledged to “make things good” with the bakery, offering hope for a resolution.

The predicament began when a Tesla employee initially ordered a staggering 2,000 mini pies from Giving Pies, located in San Jose, central California. The order, valued at $6,000, was a considerable boost for the Black-owned bakery. Despite having previously handled catering orders for other tech companies, Giving Pies encountered difficulties with Tesla regarding payment for the order. The owner, Voahangy Rasetarinera, found herself repeatedly reaching out to the company to secure the necessary funds for ingredients and staff wages.

On Thursday evening, a Tesla representative named Laura contacted Rasetarinera to apologize for the delayed payment. To compensate for the inconvenience, Laura even increased the order to 4,000 pies, assuring Rasetarinera that financial constraints were not an issue. Eager to fulfill the expanded order, Rasetarinera and her dedicated team worked tirelessly to meet the demands. Unfortunately, Tesla failed to respond to several invoices sent by the bakery for payment.

To the bakery’s dismay, Laura informed Rasetarinera on Friday that the order was no longer required. The casual cancellation left the small business reeling, realizing the significant impact it would have on their operations. Rasetarinera expressed her disappointment on Facebook, explaining how she had invested time, resources, and effort based on Tesla’s assurances, only to be left in a precarious situation.

The sudden cancellation of such a substantial order dealt a severe blow to Giving Pies, a small business with limited resources. Rasetarinera stressed the urgency of receiving payment to ensure the stability of her staff and operations. A representative from Tesla later reached out to Rasetarinera, acknowledging that Laura lacked the authority to approve payments.

However, Elon Musk’s recent intervention brings renewed hope for a resolution. In a public post on X (formerly Twitter), Musk expressed his commitment to resolving the issue and making amends with the bakery. His statement, in light of the widespread attention garnered by the story, suggests that Giving Pies may soon receive compensation for their diligent work.

Musk emphasised that people should always be able to rely on Tesla’s best efforts. This gesture highlights the importance of acknowledging and rectifying mistakes, even for prominent figures and companies. As the situation unfolds, the California bakery and its owner, Voahangy Rasetarinera, await a positive outcome, thanks to Musk’s intervention.