Elevator circuit board worth HK$$200,000 stolen from New Lucky House following recent No. 3 alarm fire

New Lucky House

13th April 2024 – (Hong Kong ) Today marks the fourth day since the devastating fire erupted at New Lucky House located on Jordan Road. As residents gradually returned to their homes to retrieve personal belongings after registering with authorities, an unexpected incident unfolded at noon, involving a suspected theft. A valuable elevator circuit board, estimated to be worth around HK$200,000, mysteriously vanished.

At 12.42pm, the police received a report stating that components placed on the rooftop and within two elevators of New Lucky House had gone missing, with a total value of HK$200,000. Police officers arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation, classifying the incident as a theft.

The fire at New Lucky House, classified as a No.3 alarm blaze, resulted in a tragic loss of five lives and left 40 individuals injured. The devastating incident occurred on Wednesday, the 10th of April, at 7.53am, when flames engulfed the first floor of the building, trapping and severely burning numerous individuals. By 8.04am, the fire department elevated the emergency to a three-alarm status, deploying multiple aerial ladder platforms to assist residents in evacuating their units. Firefighters managed to contain the inferno by approximately 10 a.m., with complete extinguishment achieved around 10.30am. A total of 250 individuals were successfully rescued, while an additional 50 self-evacuated to safe locations. As of Saturday morning, five critically injured victims remain hospitalized.