Elderly woman selling vegetables after midnight at Mei Foo MTR station gains online sympathy


17th July 2021 – (Hong Kong) A male netizen posted on a Facebook group known as “Mei Foo” saying that he saw an elderly woman who was still selling vegetables on the ground in front of the exit of Mei Foo MTR station after midnight. She was spotted sleeping in between her legs.

At that time, she was using a styrofoam box cover as a pillow to sleep. Vegetables, eggplant, etc were placed in front of her. Upon seeing the picture, many netizens felt sad and said they wished they could buy all the vegetables so that she could return home.

However, some netizens said that they had seen the elderly woman before but she had a bad attitude and was selling vegetables at high prices. Another netizen left a message saying that he knew the woman, “This person is an old colleague of mine. When she was young, she was a filial daughter. Her attitude changed after her mother passed away.”