Elderly woman insists on boarding bus with occupied wheelchair bay, chaotic resolution ensues


24th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent incident aboard bus route 118, a wheelchair bay was already occupied by a wheelchair user when a Hong Kong man boarded the bus. However, when the bus reached the Cross-Harbour Tunnel Bus Stop, an elderly woman insisted on pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair onto the bus and directly into the wheelchair bay. Despite the bus driver’s attempts to persuade her to disembark, the elderly woman remained steadfast, resulting in the elderly man being assisted to a seat on the lower deck after a few minutes of commotion. The Hong Kong man criticised the situation, pointing out that another bus would have arrived within 10 minutes, questioning the need for such hardship. Netizens also commented that the elderly individuals involved were unnecessarily impatient and relied on their age as an excuse.

According to a post on the local Facebook group, the original poster shared their experience of boarding a double-decker bus on route 118. Prior to the bus crossing the harbour, there was already an elderly lady occupying the bus’s only wheelchair bay.

When the bus stopped at the Cross Harbour Tunnel, an elderly woman approached with a wheelchair, intending to board the bus with the elderly man in the wheelchair. Understanding the limited space inside the bus, the driver refused to lower the wheelchair ramp. However, the elderly woman persisted in pushing the wheelchair onto the bus and squeezed into the wheelchair bay.

The original poster described how the elderly lady who was already using the bay became frightened by the situation. The bus driver approached and advised the elderly woman and the wheelchair-bound man to wait for the next bus due to the limited space. However, these efforts proved futile. Eventually, someone assisted the elderly man to a seat on the lower deck, a process that took several minutes.

The original poster criticized the selfish and dangerous behaviour of the elderly woman, stating, “In fact, bus services are so frequent on route 118 that the next bus would have arrived in less than 10 minutes. Why go through all this trouble?” Netizens echoed this sentiment, stating that the elderly individuals involved should not have been so hasty and should not have relied on their age as an excuse.