Elderly woman arrested for alleged theft of HK$370,000 left in shopping cart at Choi Wan Commercial Complex


1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A woman in her seventies was apprehended by the police today for allegedly stealing a backpack containing HK$370,000. The incident took place at the Choi Wan Commercial Complex in Ngau Chi Wan, where the woman had left her backpack unattended in a shopping cart. Upon realising her mistake, she promptly reported the incident to the authorities.

Law enforcement officers swiftly launched an investigation into the matter and were able to track down the 75-year-old suspect, who was found in possession of a significant amount of the stolen cash. The suspect is currently under police custody, facing charges related to the theft.

During the operation, the police managed to recover approximately HK$360,000 in cash, along with the suspect’s clothing and handbag, which were worn and carried during the incident.

The victim, a 58-year-old woman surnamed Chan, reported the incident around noon today. According to her statement, she had inadvertently left her backpack, containing a substantial sum of money, in the shopping cart while shopping at the commercial complex around 8.50am. Realising her mistake, she immediately returned to the supermarket, only to find her backpack missing.

Police revealed that through a thorough examination of CCTV footage, they identified a woman who had been loitering near the scene of the crime shortly after the victim left her backpack unattended. Taking advantage of the situation, the suspect seized the opportunity to snatch the backpack unnoticed. The police successfully identified the suspect and made the arrest at her residence in Choi Wan Estate at approximately 5pm. The seized cash and the clothing worn by the suspect at the time of the incident were recovered as evidence.