Elderly man robbed of HK$10,000 watch and cash at knife-point opposite Mount Sterling Mall in Mei Foo Sun Chuen

Mount Sterling Mall

28th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) An elderly man in his 70s was robbed of his watch and HK$400 in cash this morning at around 8.29am while returning home from his morning exercise. The incident occurred at the pedestrian walkway opposite Mount Sterling Mall in Mei Foo Sun Chuen, where he was threatened at knife-point by three robbers who fled the scene after taking his belongings.

The victim, who had purchased the stolen watch for over HK$10,000 more than a decade ago, returned to his residence at Sheung Lai House,  Wah Lai Estate to report the incident while his wife accompanied him. Law enforcement officials were dispatched to the scene to investigate and search for the suspects, but no arrests have been made yet.