Elderly man involved in confrontation at MTR Lo Wu Station, allegations of fake fall surface


26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) MTR Lo Wu Station became the center of attention after a video circulated online, capturing a heated dispute between an elderly man and several MTR staff members. The incident unfolded with both parties engaged in a passionate argument. During the altercation, a female staff member repeatedly admonished the elderly man, urging him not to use foul language. As the elderly man retorted, he suddenly bent his knees and fell backwards to the ground, subsequently adjusting his position slightly. The video captured voices in the background suggesting that the elderly man had “fallen on his own,” although the subsequent events remain undisclosed.

Upon viewing the footage, netizens quickly raised suspicions regarding the elderly man’s actions, questioning whether his fall was staged. Some netizens wondered why he would hurl insults and then seemingly collapse. However, others cautioned against hasty judgments, considering the elderly man’s apparent emotional state and the possibility of a sudden illness or other factors. They emphasized that the severity of a fall for an elderly person can vary greatly.

The video, which lasted approximately 20 seconds, was uploaded to the social media platform TikTok. The uploader claimed that the incident took place at MTR Lo Wu Station. In the video, the elderly man in question can be seen wearing a green hat, a blue shirt, and green trousers. He carried a backpack and an eco-friendly bag, while a long, canvas-like object, almost adult-sized, lay beside him. It was presumed to belong to the elderly man.

The footage captured a heated exchange between the elderly man and several MTR staff members, with auxiliary police present to maintain order. The cause of the dispute remains unknown, and it is not ruled out that the elderly man was being detained for inspection at the time. The female staff member repeatedly reminded the elderly man not to use offensive language. Just as the elderly man seemed poised to respond, he suddenly bent his knees and fell backward, subsequently adjusting his position slightly. Several female voices on the scene accused the elderly man of “falling on his own,” pretending to be unconscious, and feigning weakness. Others quickly dispersed, allowing the elderly man to breathe fresh air. Onlookers, including fellow passengers, gathered to observe the commotion. However, the video concluded without revealing any further developments regarding the incident.

After watching the video, many netizens questioned the authenticity of the elderly man’s fall. However, some cautioned against jumping to conclusions, expressing concerns that the elderly man may have experienced a sudden illness due to his heightened emotions. Moreover, they emphasised the potentially severe consequences of a fall for an elderly individual, stating, “We cannot automatically assume it was a staged fall; if it was genuine, the consequences could be serious.”