Elderly man imprisoned for 11 years for rape, repeats offence after release and receives 9.5-year sentence


18th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A sixty-six-year-old man, Chau Kam-wah, has been sentenced to 9 and a half years in prison by the High Court. This comes after he was found guilty of attempted rape, following his release from an eleven-year imprisonment for a similar crime committed in 2009. The judge, citing a report, highlighted the severe trauma experienced by the victim, whose memory of the events remains vivid as if it happened yesterday. Describing the case as “extremely serious,” the judge took into account the significant age difference of approximately fifty years between the accused and the victim, as well as the absence of contraceptive measures, resulting in an additional penalty.

Chau Kam-wah, employed as a decorator and having two former wives, had a prior conviction for rape. In 2009, he exploited a 19-year-old girl with learning disabilities under the pretence of performing a ritual to exorcise evil spirits. He engaged in sexual intercourse with her on three occasions and later committed the act of rape. The following year, he was convicted of three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of rape, leading to an eleven-year imprisonment. Chau was released in March 2018.

Regarding the current case, the defendant was accused of raping a minor, referred to as “X,” on 21st October, 2019. The jury, after a trial, acquitted Chau of the charge of rape by a majority of 6 to 1. However, they unanimously found him guilty of the alternative charge of attempted rape.

According to the prosecution’s case, when the incident occurred, X was only 11 years old. On 20th October, 2019, she met “Uncle Wah” through a mutual friend. In the early hours of October 21, the two arranged to meet and travelled together in a taxi. Chau then drove to a desolate area near Fung Kong Tsuen on Kai Pak Ling Road, where he sexually assaulted X in the backseat of his seven-seater vehicle. The assault involved genital contact without the use of protection. Afterwards, Chau drove X back to Tin Wah Estate in Tin Shui Wai, giving her 500 Hong Kong dollars and instructing her not to disclose the incident to anyone. The defendant was subsequently arrested on 21st July, 2021. During the identification process, X positively identified Chau as “Uncle Wah.”