Elderly man assaulted at McDonald’s in Shatin Centre, daughter demands justice


23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) At approximately 5pm yesterday when a woman surnamed Poon accompanied her father in 70s to a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Shatin Centre. While the father and daughter were enjoying their meal, a man wearing glasses and dressed in black, with a rural accent, sat at a neighbouring table. His male companion went to place his order while the man in black remained seated.

Soon after, the man in black began berating a female staff member, accusing her of not properly cleaning the table surface. Even after the employee left, he continued his verbal assault. Suddenly, without any warning, the man in black swung his left foot and kicked towards Poon’s father’s leg. Poon, witnessing her father being inexplicably attacked, became furious. She confronted the man, questioning why he would bully an elderly person, and promptly took out her phone to document the incident. Her friend, upon hearing the commotion, rushed back and shielded Poon from the man’s outbursts using their hands and phone.

Poon declared her intention to report the incident, demanding a sincere apology from the man in black and asking, “Can you apologise for kicking an elderly person?” However, upon learning of Poon’s plan to involve the authorities, the man seemed dismissive and responded, “Apologies for kicking your old man, okay?” Poon found his attitude flippant and insincere, and considering the potential distress to her father, who suffers from a heart condition, she decided to temporarily defuse the situation. They moved to another table to continue their meal.

Poon, who works in the information technology industry and frequently travels abroad for business, expressed her anger over the incident. She deemed it a public threat and has already filed a report online, seeking justice for her father. She hopes that law enforcement agencies will take appropriate action against the violent offender.