Ekin Cheng’s Macao concert ignites speculation over his appearance and “tummy”

    Ekin Cheng

    20th April 2024 – (Macao) Ekin Cheng, the 56-year-old actor who gained fame across Asia for his role in “Young and Dangerous,” has been a heartthrob for many. However, in recent years, he has reduced his on-screen appearances and has been living in Japan with his wife, Yoyo Mung. Nonetheless, Cheng recently held a concert in Macao, which drew a packed crowd. Many netizens took to social media to share clips from the concert, and one particular side-profile photo caught attention. A comment accompanying the photo read, “Who is this Hong Kong female singer? She seems to be a mature auntie-level star, but I can’t recall her name.”

    During the concert, Cheng showcased his new image and performed romantic songs while the audience waved their light sticks, creating a sea of stars inside the venue.

    It’s hard to talk about Ekin Cheng without mentioning his iconic character, Chan Ho-nam, from “Young and Dangerous.” In the photo, Cheng can be seen on stage wearing a white T-shirt and wide-legged black trousers, fully immersed in his performance. However, some netizens noticed that Cheng’s physique seemed rounder compared to before, with his loose-fitting outfit accentuating his “tummy.” This sparked discussions among online users, with comments like “Looks like actress Kiki Sheung” and “Auntie Ekin” circulating. Some attributed it to his styling and the angle of the photo, while others praised Cheng for maintaining his good looks, saying, “Not greasy, still looking great” and “He is still the most handsome in my heart.”