Eight-vehicle collision in Kowloon causes traffic congestion on Lion Rock Tunnel Road


13th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A collision involving eight vehicles, including private cars and taxis, occurred in Kowloon. One driver sustained minor injuries as a result of the accident. The collision led to significant traffic congestion in the area, prompting the Transport Department to announce the closure of a section of the Lion Rock Tunnel Road (heading towards Kowloon) near the Kak Tin Village.

The accident took place at 9.57am this morning, disrupting the smooth flow of traffic. The affected vehicles, damaged and scattered across the road, added to the congestion and created a challenging situation for commuters. To manage the aftermath of the collision, authorities closed off a portion of the Lion Rock Tunnel Road, restricting access to the affected lane. Drivers were advised to utilise the remaining lanes to proceed with their journeys.