8 spectacular scenes to illuminate Lunar New Year Fireworks Display 2024

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26th January 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Lunar New Year Fireworks Display 2024, coordinated by the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau is scheduled for 8pm on the 11th of February, the second day of the Lunar New Year, the display promises to illuminate Victoria Harbour with a dazzling spectacle, marking its return after a hiatus since 2019.

This year, the Hong Kong Youth Patriotic Education Foundation joins as a supporting organisation, adding to the significance and grandeur of the event.

In honour of the Year of the Dragon, the fireworks have been meticulously designed. Each scene carries symbolic meaning and aims to convey well-wishes and prosperity. For example, the second scene features stunning golden and red fireworks in the shape of the auspicious number “8,” symbolising endless wealth and fortune for all. The display also serves as a prelude to the upcoming 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

A total of 23,888 firing shells will be discharged from three barges, creating a mesmerizing 23-minute extravaganza consisting of eight captivating scenes. With a budget of HK$13 million, no expense has been spared to ensure a truly unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The scenes of the fireworks display are as follows:

Scene One: The Year of the Dragon
The display commences with a thunderous applause of spectacular fireworks over Victoria Harbour. The first group of fireworks resembles silver lightning and thunder in the sky, followed by dragon eggs on golden palm trees, symbolising the continuous nurturing of the Dragon Race’s fine descendants.

Scene Two: Happy New Year
Accompanied by Lunar New Year blessing music, fireworks shaped like “Golden Crown with Figure 8” and “Red Figure 8 Crackling” are launched, resembling numerous gold and silver coins in the sky. These symbolize good fortune and prosperity in the coming year. This year, the display introduces “Colourful Universe Ball” fireworks for the first time, representing the boundless universe and wishing everyone prosperity and good luck in the new year.

Scene Three: Beautiful Oriental
The sky becomes adorned with colourful peonies and butterflies, transforming into magical comets. The blossoming flowers bring beauty and fragrance to the city, paving the way for a joyful journey ahead.

Scene Four: We Love Hong Kong
This segment highlights fortune, luck, and harmony. The sky is filled with a diverse display of purple iron trees, golden chrysanthemums, sunflowers, glittering ribbons, and sparkling hearts. It represents the multicultural society of Hong Kong, where all shine in different ways and live together in harmony. Wishing everyone a year of good fortune!

Scene Five: The Future is Me
Imagination takes flight in this segment. Silver coconuts, spiral stars, and millions of glittering flowers illuminate the sky, symbolizing hope and excellence in the Year of the Dragon.

Scene Six: My Favourite
Spiral spheres of different colours kick off this scene, followed by smiley faces and twin hearts. It invites viewers to slow down from their hectic lives and appreciate the simple joys around them, reminding them that life is priceless.

Scene Seven: You Raise Me Up
Fireworks cascade down from the vast sky like a grand waterfall, symbolising gratitude towards the seniors in our families and workplaces who guide us with wisdom. The sky becomes adorned with glittering lights, expressing thanks and envisioning a brilliant future.

Scene Eight: Harvest Drums
Accompanied by the melodious music of “Harvest Gongs and Drums,” the Year of the Dragon fireworks display reaches its climax. The night sky becomes filled with gold ingot-shaped fireworks and golden rice blooms, representing endless wealth and joy. The display concludes with a breathtaking surge of “Mega-sized Brocade Crown” fireworks, symbolizing the joyous atmosphere and high spirits of all participants. Wishing peace and prosperity to our motherland and happiness and good health to all Hong Kong citizens!

To enhance the viewing experience, spectators are invited to tune in to Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 4 (FM 97.6 to 98.9) for synchronised music. The fireworks display can be enjoyed from various vantage points on both sides of the harbour, including Tsim Sha Tsui, the Mid-levels, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and Hung Hom Bypass.