Egypt delivers 12,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip via Rafah crossing

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi

24th November 2023 – (Cairo) Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi announced on Thursday that a substantial amount of humanitarian aid, totalling approximately 12,000 tons, has been successfully transported to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing. This crossing serves as the sole link between Egypt and the besieged Palestinian enclave.

Speaking at a pro-Palestine event held at the Cairo International Stadium, President al-Sisi revealed that the aid, carried by a convoy of 1,300 trucks, has reached Gaza. Additionally, he highlighted that 158 flights, laden with relief materials, landed at El-Arish International Airport in Egypt’s North Sinai. Impressively, Egypt alone contributed 70 per cent of the total aid delivered to Gaza.

President al-Sisi emphasized the significance of Egypt’s decision to keep the Rafah border crossing open, enabling the efficient delivery of vital supplies such as food, medical aid, and fuel to Gaza. Furthermore, the crossing plays a crucial role in facilitating the transfer of wounded individuals from the war-torn enclave.

The Egyptian president also highlighted the collaborative efforts of Egypt, the United States, and Qatar in brokering a four-day humanitarian truce between Hamas and Israel. Notably, this truce, aimed at alleviating the dire conditions in Gaza, has the potential to be extended beyond the initial duration.

Both Hamas and Israel, along with the involvement of Qatar and Egypt, have confirmed the implementation of the ceasefire. This development brings a much-needed respite to the conflict-ridden enclave, with the ceasefire set to take effect on Friday morning.