Education Bureau to appoint IMC members as Confucian Tai Shing Primary School faces closure due to management inefficiencies

Confucian Tai Shing Primary School

17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Confucian Academy’s Tai Shing Primary School, located in Wong Tai Sin and operating for 61 years, announced on June 15th that it would cease operations starting from the 2026/27 academic year. The school’s Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) held a press conference today (17th) and stated that the decision to close the school was made without the discussion and endorsement of the IMC.

In response, the Education Bureau stated that they had multiple meetings and discussions with the school’s management and principal regarding the closure of Tai Shing Primary School. However, disagreements arose during the discussions, and no consensus was reached on the transitional arrangements. Considering the management inefficiencies of the school, the Education Bureau will appoint IMC members under the provisions of the Education Ordinance to assist the IMC in fulfilling its responsibilities and ensuring proper educational advancement and satisfactory management at the school.

The Education Bureau emphasised the importance of prioritizing the well-being of students and the need for clear communication and careful planning of transition arrangements. They highlighted that during the discussions with the school’s management, conflicts emerged, and an agreement on the transitional plan could not be reached.

Referring to Section 41 of the Education Ordinance (Cap 279), the Education Bureau will appoint IMC members to join the school’s IMC to ensure the appropriate promotion of students’ education and satisfactory management of the school.

The Education Bureau also mentioned that individual parents have inquired about the decision to close the school, and they assured that the matter would be handled according to the established mechanisms and procedures for school closures.