Education Bureau takes action as AD&FD POHL Leung Sing Tak College faces national anthem disruption


28th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a video that has gone viral online, students at AD&FD POHL Leung Sing Tak College were seen causing disturbances during a classroom session, raising concerns over the maintenance of order in educational institutions. The footage captured a female student, dressed in sportswear, approaching a female teacher with a water bottle in hand and kneeling on one knee. The teacher requested her to stop playing and spraying water, but the disruption continued. Moreover, another student played the national anthem on a mobile phone while the disruptive student repeatedly kicked tables and stood on them, leading to laughter among the other students present.

The Education Bureau responded to the incident, instructing the school administration to handle the matter seriously and submit a detailed report. The bureau has emphasized the significance of the National Anthem Ordinance, which has been in effect for nearly four years, and its guidelines provided to the academic community. The ordinance highlights the importance of respecting and upholding the dignity of the national anthem, a symbol of the People’s Republic of China. It specifies that individuals and organizations should demonstrate reverence for the anthem and perform it appropriately on suitable occasions. Any misuse or intentional insult of the national anthem falls under the offence outlined in the ordinance.

AD&FD POHL Leung Sing Tak College Alumni Association, confirmed its involvement in the incident, which occurred at the end of October last year. In response, the school initiated an investigation, following its established protocols to address the students’ behaviour and assess the teacher’s handling of the situation. The college emphasises its dedication to instilling the values of “virtue through benevolence” in its students, aiming to nurture law-abiding, academically accomplished, and responsible citizens.

The college administration reiterates its commitment to maintaining a safe and peaceful learning environment while continuing to educate students. It hopes for support from all sectors, allowing the school to carry out its mission effectively. The Education Bureau, upon being informed of the incident, promptly reached out to the school for further information and demanded strict action and a comprehensive report.

The National Anthem Ordinance, along with the National Flag and National Emblem Ordinance, provides specific guidelines regarding flag-raising ceremonies and the appropriate etiquette for performing the national anthem. Schools are responsible for educating students about these protocols, including the requirement to stand respectfully and maintain proper decorum. In cases where students display behaviour disrespectful to the national anthem, schools are expected to take immediate action.

A video clip circulating online shows a female student dancing on top of a table.