Education Bureau revokes registration of Mount Kelly International Preschool

Mount Kelly International Preschool

8th December 2021 – (Hong Kong) Mount Kelly International Preschool was repeatedly rumoured to be in rent and salary arrears. The landlord then repossessed the premises occupied by the preschool on Kwun Chung Street.

It turned out that the registration of the preschool was revoked by the Education Bureau last month.

The Education Bureau confirmed that it had revoked the school registration of the Mount Kelly International Preschool in accordance with the Education Ordinance in November of this year. The Bureau also reminded schools that in accordance with the Education Ordinance, schools must not use advertisements for false or misleading publicity. The authorities are following up the matter. Earlier, more than 40 parents of Mount Kelly School asked a political party for help, saying that they could not get back the nomination vouchers involving the school, and some parents lost more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars. However, the “Mount Kelly Foundation Limited (MKFL)” and “Mount Kelly International Limited” associated with Mount Kelly in Hong Kong have been liquidated, and the debts owed by the two companies amounted to HK$300 million.