Education Bureau announces language proficiency test results for teachers, only 40% meet standards in Putonghua listening and recognition


22nd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The results of the language proficiency test primarily designed for current teachers and individuals aspiring to become English or Putonghua teachers have been released by the Education Bureau. Starting from tomorrow, 23rd May, the 2024 test takers will receive their score notifications sent out by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA). This year, a total of 1,543 candidates participated in the English language assessment, while 2,183 candidates took the Putonghua language assessment. Among them, the English language test performed best in the reading section, with over 82% of candidates meeting the language proficiency requirements at Level Three or above. On the other hand, the Putonghua test had the poorest performance in the listening and recognition section, with a pass rate of only 40%.

According to data provided by the HKEAA, in the English language assessment, the reading section had the highest scores. Out of the 1,082 candidates who took this section, 895 individuals (82.7%) achieved Level Three or above. The listening section followed with 78.6% meeting the language proficiency requirements. However, the writing section had the lowest performance, with only 601 out of 1,177 candidates (51.1%) reaching the passing threshold.

As for the Putonghua language assessment, the lowest scores were seen in the listening and recognition section. Out of the 1,667 candidates who took this section, only 671 individuals passed, resulting in a pass rate of 40.3%, which is less than half. On the other hand, the oral section had the highest performance, with 83.9% of candidates reaching Level Three or above. In terms of classroom language usage, the pass rates for both English and Putonghua exceeded 90%.

A spokesperson from the Education Bureau stated that the purpose of conducting the language proficiency test is to allow current teachers and those aspiring to teach English or Putonghua to obtain the required language qualifications. The test is open to both the general public and teachers from other subjects.

Candidates who have not received their score notifications by next Monday, 27th May, are advised to contact the HKEAA. If candidates wish to request a review of their scores, they can do so by completing the necessary procedures by next Tuesday, 28th May, or earlier. Candidates who submit a review request will be individually notified of the results by the end of next month, before the 27th.