Eason Chan spotted enjoying food with second-generation singer in local eatery

    Eason Chan

    5th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Eason Chan, the renowned Cantopop singer has a penchant for enjoying food at local eatery. This has turned the stall into a popular destination, attracting numerous fans and tourists who hope to catch a glimpse of the music legend. Recently, Eason was spotted dining at the atery much to the delight of mainland Chinese netizens who coincidentally encountered him. Overwhelmed with excitement, one netizen exclaimed, “Oh my, it’s really Eason! I only came here to take a photo, and just yesterday I was joking that if I bumped into Eason in Hong Kong, it would be incredibly lucky. And now, at this exact place, I encountered him at this stall! What incredible luck!” However, the netizens respected Eason’s privacy and refrained from requesting a group photo, opting instead to capture distant shots.

    Another mainland netizen also had an encounter with Eason and was fortunate enough to receive his autograph. Recounting the experience, the netizen shared, “He was sitting next to us, right next to us! We couldn’t believe our eyes and tried to control our excitement. We patiently waited for him to finish his meal and quietly asked if we could take a photo together. He politely declined, citing the large number of people around, but he graciously signed this autograph for us. It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I only had the plane ticket stub in my pocket, so this autograph holds even more significance.”

    In a video clip, Eason can be seen wearing a cap, glasses, and a mask, maintaining a low-key appearance. He didn’t mind being recognised and photographed by fans. He even personally settled the bill and engaged in a casual chat with the stall owner. Before leaving, he bid farewell to fellow diners, displaying his down-to-earth nature. Accompanying Eason during this outing was Yoyo Shum, a second-generation local celebrity and singer, whose parents are John Shum and Tina Lau. Eason and Yoyo have a history of collaboration in music, having previously sung the duet “One Second.” Interestingly, Yoyo’s cousin Jerald is also Eason’s producer.