Eason Chan receives 30 stitches after injury, Michelin-star chef prepares hospital meals

    Eason Chan

    11th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) Eason Chan, suffered a severe injury on 10th June while playing tennis, leading to an unexpected and significant pause in his ongoing tour. The incident, which occurred due to heatstroke followed by a fall, resulted in a fractured jawbone and a deep laceration that required over 30 stitches.

    Chan was rushed to the hospital where he received immediate medical attention. His manager, Lisa Kan, reported that despite the severity of the injury, Chan is in good spirits and has had his stitches removed. However, his current diet is restricted to liquids and very soft foods to ensure minimal strain on the healing fracture.

    The recovery period is estimated at six weeks, during which time Chan’s concerts have been postponed to ensure a full recovery. “The doctors have done a superb job with the sutures, and currently, he’s on a diet that includes porridge, soft fruits, and minced meat, designed to facilitate the healing process,” Kan explained.

    During his hospital stay, Chan’s nutritional needs have been meticulously catered to by Michelin-starred chef Vicky Cheng and his team. This high level of culinary care includes specially prepared soups and meals that accommodate Chan’s current dietary restrictions.

    Chan’s wife, Hilary Tsui, has been actively sharing updates and expressing gratitude towards the culinary team on social media, highlighting the thoughtful and tailored approach taken to aid in her husband’s recovery.