Drunken woman causes chaos at 7-11 store by eating unpaid noodles and creating mess


28th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) An intoxicated woman wearing a short skirt attracted attention at a 7-Eleven convenience store recently when she mistakenly believed she had completed a transaction and proceeded to eat two cups of noodles without paying. The store assistant approached her to remind her about the need to settle the bill. However, the woman responded with verbal insults, removed her shoes, and stood barefoot in the store. She further exacerbated the situation by scattering garbage and noodle residue all around. Eventually, the store clerk decided to involve the police, seeking resolution to the escalating disturbance.

The incident was brought to public attention when a netizen posted about it on a local Facebook group along with accompanying photographs. According to the post, the incident occurred at a 7-Eleven store located on Hill Road, Hong Kong Island. The intoxicated woman’s misunderstanding arose from encountering loading issues with her mobile payment app, leading her to mistakenly believe that she had completed the transaction. Consequently, she proceeded to prepare the two cups of noodles nearby using hot water. When the store clerk noticed the absence of payment, she approached the woman and requested her to settle the bill at the counter. However, the woman’s subsequent payment attempts were also unsuccessful. Frustrated, she resorted to using Alipay, but the loading issues persisted, causing her to become increasingly agitated and behave disruptively.

The netizen, who witnessed the incident firsthand, observed the woman hurling profanities in English at the store assistant. Consequently, the netizen discreetly captured photographs using their mobile phone. However, the woman noticed this and promptly directed her anger towards the netizen.

Photographs from the scene depict the woman, dressed in a black skirt, with a dazed expression. She stood barefoot, leaning against the ice cream freezer. Two cups of noodles were visible on a nearby dining table, one of which had already been opened, with discarded plastic packaging strewn on the floor. Noodle soup had spilled onto the floor, alongside several soaked paper towels. The netizen expressed their disapproval, highlighting the woman’s lack of payment and the resulting mess. Ultimately, the store assistant had to involve the authorities, requesting police intervention to resolve the situation.