Drunk male resident arrested for attempting to sexually assault another female resident on the same floor in Kwai Chung


4th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) The police received a report at 2am in the morning yesterday that a culprit broke into a small apartment unit in Shek Hei Building, Shek Lei (II) Estate, and attempted to sexually assault a single female tenant and dumped her belongings through the window.

The female victim then called her boyfriend for help. After her boyfriend rushed to the scene, she fought with the suspect, but was unfortunately hit by a glass bottle on her head, and the culprit fled the scene. The police arrived at the scene and sent the 28-year-old female victim and the 29-year-old male victim to the hospital for treatment. They suffered injuries to their hands and head respectively. They have been discharged after treatment.

After a preliminary investigation, the police arrested a man surnamed Wong (33 years old) at Shek Hei Building yesterday afternoon. He is reported as a restaurant manager and a resident at Shek Hui Building. He is currently being detained for investigation. The police also recovered the lost property from the suspect’s unit, including the female victim’s clothing, etc. It is understood that the arrested man was drunk. The police are investigating his motives for committing the crime.

It is reported that the arrested man and the female victim had talked in the unit for half an hour. The female victim took the opportunity to buy time, call her boyfriend for help, and at the same time persuaded the suspect to calm down. It is understood that the suspect lived on the same floor as the female victim, and the police found a master key on his body. The key could be used to open the door locks of several units. This is a major loophole in public housing.