Drunk 24-year-old South Korean male student at Lingnan University attacks 2 other students and 2 security guards before being arrested


26th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) According to the police, at 5.30am today, a drunk 24-year-old South Korean male student living in a student hostel at Lingnan University broke into the adjacent room and assaulted a male and a female classmate before escaping. Later, a female security guard noticed that the South Korean student was topless so she stepped forward and stopped him but only to be attacked by him.

The student then walked to a nearby construction site. A male security guard who pursued him was also attacked. Not long after the police received the report, they arrived at the scene and subdued the drunk student who subsequently passed out.

The two students who were attacked were both locals. They were 21 years old and they developed neck pain. The 49-year-old female security guard suffered from neck, back and hand injuries while the 43-year-old male security guard had pain on his face. The 4 victims, together with the South Korean student involved, were all sent to Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment. The police classified it as a common assault and arrested the student. It is reported that the male and female students who were attacked were sleeping soundly at the time of the incident, and the arrested student did not know them. The three of them had no grievances with each other. It is believed that he was drunk and entered the wrong room.