Drug dealer attempts to escape during police check in Fanling, apprehended with help from passersby


30th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent incident that occurred in Fanling, a driver attempted to escape during a police check and was later apprehended. The incident took place at around 7.19pm on 29th May, when police officers were on patrol in Yat Ming Road in Fanling and noticed a suspicious-looking private car. During the inspection, the driver of the private car suddenly accelerated and attempted to escape, heading towards Pak Wo Road. The officers immediately pursued the car, which later collided with a taxi and a traffic light pole before coming to a stop.

Video footage of the incident that has been circulating online shows the driver abandoning the car and attempting to flee on foot. The officers chased after him, and a passerby on the street helped to subdue him. In the ensuing chaos, the driver dropped several suspicious items, which were later found to be 31.1 grams of suspected ketamine with an estimated street value of HK$13,200.

The driver, surnamed Leung and aged 29, failed a rapid oral fluid test and could not provide a reasonable explanation for his use of the car. He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of reckless driving, drug trafficking, driving without a license, driving without third-party insurance, unauthorised use of a vehicle, drug driving, and resisting arrest. He was taken to North District Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained during the incident.