Dried sea cucumbers worth HK$7,000 stolen from shop in Sheung Wan


2nd August 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 9.36am, staff member of a seafood shop at 114 Des Voeux Road West in Sheung Wan found a display box containing dried sea cucumbers missing.

CCTV footage revealed that at about 5.39pm yesterday (1st), the man wandered outside the store several times to inspect, and later stole 5 packs of Australian dried sea cucumbers worth about HK$7,000 and put them in the paper bag he was carrying. The police arrived at the scene to investigate, and also looked at relevant footage to identify the suspect.

The case was classified as shoplifting, and no one has been arrested so far. According to the person in charge of the seafood shop, due to the hot weather recently, there is no one to guard the goods outside the shop. However, since many nearby seafood shops have also experienced similar thefts recently, staff will be arranged to guard them in the future.