‘Drama-queen’ Malaysian social influencer Cathryn Li attempts to end her life


    13th March 2021 – (Kuala Lumpur) Self-narcissistic 31-year-old Malaysian social influencer Cathryn Li was in the news recently after she threw tantrums during an online live streaming session on 9th March. She lost her cool after some netizens mocked her piano skills. She lamented that she was not told in advance that there would be a live keyboard session even though she is a pianist who likes to show off her skills on her social media account regularly. She also said that her agent would have charged the studio for the live performance if she had known about it beforehand. 

    She lost her cool after some netizens mocked her piano skills.

    The social media influencer who has 1.9m followers on her Instagram account once jeered at medium-sized women and labelled them as fat as she claims to have an XXS body shape. She issued an apology in 2019 with regards to her “M-size” post Cathryn who probably has done multiple cosmetic surgeries on her face and breasts to look plastic likes to show off her scantily dressed photos to gain followers on social media.

    Cathryn Lee’s Instagram
    Cathryn Lee’s Instagram
    Cathryn Lee’s Instagram
    Cathryn Lee’s Instagram

    The saga continued yesterday as she exposed that there are ‘rules’ in the entertainment industry and one is required to sleep with producers before the actress can be given a role.

    The 31-year-old social influencer took to Facebook to explain and apologise for her over-reaction yesterday.

    Today, she suddenly posted a picture of her neck with obvious bloodstains to show that she attempted suicide.

    She said that she was emotionally broken in the middle of the night and she planned to hang herself with a wire but in the end the wire was too thin and broke. She said, “I was struggling in the middle of the night. It takes courage to end my life, and it takes courage to live, because my every move is constant”.

    She also pointed out that she was originally imperfect, and she did not dare to accept the fact that she was a goddess. “But everyone always expects me to be perfect, to have god-like emotional intelligence, god-like emotional intelligence, godless face value. I try to keep up with the pace and give out my best side and I try my best to be myself, and I apologise many times for my imperfections. But sometimes I make a mistake and lose control of my emotions for a few days. The huge personal attack made me breathless as if they wanted to kill me, and some people continued to step on me. I can’t climb out and I have no way to go back. I’m an ordinary human and I’m afraid I’m tired. No matter how strong my heart is, I will be crushed.”

    It is unsure if the social influencer is suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) as it can be seen that she is a highly insecure person who needs public attention but not criticism.

    If you have suicidal tendencies or depression, please call the 24-hour multi-lingual hotline at The Samaritans Hong Kong : 28960000.

    Cathryn Li who hails from a well-to-do family flaunted on social media account on 2nd January that when she travelled to Japan with her family last year, she went to an expensive restaurant to eat and the family spent more than 4 million yen (about HK$320,000) on one meal.

    She spent more than 4 million yen (about HK$320,000) in a restaurant in Japan.