Dragon boat-themed drone performance enthralled audience in Wan Chai


10th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Yesterday, on the auspicious occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Hong Kong brimmed with vibrant celebrations. One of the highlights of the festivities was an awe-inspiring drone performance, themed around the iconic Dragon Boat race, held along the Wan Chai waterfront. Against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour, the night sky came alive as more than a thousand drones created a mesmerizing display, showcasing various artistic patterns and designs, all inspired by the spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival.

To further enhance the spectators’ experience, the Hong Kong Tourism Board had arranged a delightful surprise. They generously distributed complimentary cups of ice cream to everyone at the event, ensuring a refreshing treat in the scorching summer heat. The ice cream giveaway continued until supplies ran out, and attendees savored the cool delight. Additionally, the Tourism Board had recommended the best viewing spots for optimal enjoyment of the drone performance. Even before the start time, a considerable number of eager viewers had gathered at the Wan Chai HarbourChill waterfront leisure station and the water sports and recreation area, eagerly awaiting the commencement of the spectacle.

As the clock approached 8pm, the designated start time, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation. The recent rainy days had given way to a picturesque evening, adorned with scattered clouds, guaranteeing uninterrupted viewing pleasure without any rain hindrance. The audience, consisting of enthusiastic locals and curious tourists, filled the venue, with most of them holding up their smartphones, ready to capture the grandeur of the performance. The drone display proved to be a visual feast, featuring a diverse range of captivating designs, including Dragon Boats, delightful cartoon characters symbolising the traditional sticky rice dumplings, and heartfelt blessings associated with the Dragon Boat Festival.