Dr.Sophia Chan says flight suspension mechanism will not be cancelled in due to potential threat of COVID-19 variant virus, 6th wave may appear at any time


21st May 2022 – (Hong Kong) With the gradual relaxation of social distancing measures, a number of infection clusters have emerged in Hong Kong recently. Yesterday (21st), an Omicron variant virus strain BA.2.12.1 was found to have entered the community. Dr.Sophia Chan, Secretary for Food and Health, said in an interview that the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases has remained at the triple-digit level for several days. Hence, the sixth wave of the epidemic cannot be ruled out, and the public is urged to reduce activities without masks as much as possible.

Chan said that after the relaxation of the social distancing measures, citizens will gather more often or be exempt from wearing masks, which will lead to a certain risk of infection. The authorities have formulated a plan to prevent and respond to the next wave of the epidemic, and at this stage, it is still necessary to strictly observe the prevention of imported cases measures. More and more experts suggest to cancel the flight suspension mechanism, so that Hong Kong can connect with the world as soon as possible.

Chan pointed out that if the flight suspension mechanism cancelled at will, if too many confirmed cases come to Hong Kong from a certain place or a certain flight, it will increase the risk of outbreak or community infection in Hong Kong and the threat of a variant virus will also affect the community. She pointed out that the authorities will conduct genome sequencing analysis for each imported case and closely monitor whether the new variant virus has entered the community.