Dozens of people escape from building which operates online casino at Cambodian border before jumping into river


19th August 2022 – (Phnom Penh) According to local Cambodian media reports, a large number of Vietnamese employees escaped from a casino on the Cambodian border on 18th August. The video circulating on social media showed that dozens of people ran away from a building and jumped into the river to escape. Local media said the escapees were suspected to be falsely imprisoned. The local police confirmed the escape of Vietnamese staff and they have started investigation.

The incident occurred in a casino near the border in Kamala Province, southern Cambodia, just across the river from Vietnam. Nearly 60 Vietnamese rushed out of the casino and fled. There are also Cambodian media that the place is operating an online casino.

A number of suspected security guards outside the building tried to intercept them, but they were unsuccessful. Some people at the scene held long sticks and chased after them. hit others. Later, the video showed that many people jumped into the river to escape capture. According to the local media report, the other side of the river was Vietnamese territory.

The Kandal Provincial Police confirmed that the incident took place in a casino in Kaoh Thum. The chief of Kandal Provincial Police Department, said that this was not a violent incident. It was a plan by a number of Vietnamese staff to break free and escape, causing three security guards to be injured. The police are currently investigating.