Doxxing website, re-emerges under different domains exposing personal information of protesters, reporters and pro-democracy leaders


9th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) Several weeks ago, China’s state television broadcaster has urged mainland Chinese netizens to use doxxing site to expose Hong Kong protesters and reporters. The site was set up to doxx Hong Kong frontline protesters, pro-democracy leaders and reporters by exposing their personal information including phone numbers and social media accounts. Private information of several Apple Daily and Stand News reporters were also exposed.

The doxing website, was originally registered as in August before moving to a Russian hosting service after many complaints were lodged. Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner submitted a privacy violation complaint to the Russian domain registry but it couldn’t take any legal action since the domain was not registered in Hong Kong.

However, the doxxing site has recently appeared under different domains i.e.,, and More protesters including those who jumped over turnstiles at MTR Stations were exposed.

Details of the website have been spread all over mainland Chinese social media platforms. Many speculated that the Beijing Government is behind the setting up of the website as many sensitive information was obtained.