Downsized McDonald’s McSpicy Chicken Fillet in Hong Kong sparks outrage


6th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Fast-food giant McDonald’s is facing backlash in Hong Kong for what customers describe as a substantial reduction in the size of meals that are failing to live up to the expectations set by advertisement imagery.

The issue came to light when a disgruntled customer purchased a McSpicy Chicken Fillet and found a glaring disparity between the product in hand and its promotional representation. The customer felt short-changed by the notable size difference between the chicken and the bun, which deviated significantly from the enticing image used in the advertisement.

Adding to the list of grievances, another item that has come under scrutiny is the “Sausage McMuffin with Egg“. A customer’s post on the “McDonald’s Concern Group (Hong Kong)” Facebook page in November highlighted the sandwich’s surprisingly diminutive proportions. The burger, according to the customer, was no larger than a fingertip, leading to amused and incredulous reactions from other group members.

Accompanying the post were photos demonstrating the burger’s size relative to a sugar packet, which turned out to be comparable to the length of the customer’s fingertip. The customer humorously referred to the downsized product as the “new bite-sized Sausage McMuffin with Egg.”

These incidents have sparked conversations about potential decreases in portion sizes at the Hong Kong branches of the world-famous fast-food chain. The substantial discrepancies between advertised and actual product sizes have led to a wave of disappointment and disbelief among customers.