4th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Celebrities are the latest to get involved in the newest viral challenge. So, what exactly is a #bottlecapchallenge? Challengers will attempt to do a rotating kick to the top of a bottle to twist the cap off.

 Martial artist Farabi Davletchin from Kazakhstan posted a video about a week ago showing off what he called the #FaraKicksChallenge.

 UFC Featherweight Champ Max Holloway then follow suit to give the #bottlecapchallenge a try after accepting it from Designer Errolson Hugh.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, action star Donnie Yen performed a jaw-dropping #bottlecapchallenge blind-folded and he effectively put other contenders to shame. Omar Jimenez from CNN even posted the video and tweeted ‘Let’s go home everybody. Donnie Yen just officially ended the bottle cap challenge.’

However, the competition seems to be getting stiffer as the latest contender, a McLaren P1 successfully completed the bottlecap challenge in style. The driver of this McLaren P1 powerslides the McLaren P1 and opens a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne using nothing but the McLarens’s rear wing.

If you scrutinise the video carefully, you would notice that the wing is being raised up by the driver while power-sliding the P1. This requires meticulous precision as the car’s suspension lowers while the wing rises.

Iskander Utebayev has done it stylishly and has challenged two other ace drivers to it, Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block. Step aside, Donnie Yen, the P1 reigns.