DON DON DONKI Whampoa Garden Store to open on 17th August


    6th August 2022 – (Hong Kong)  DON DON DONKI Whampoa Garden Store will open on 17th August, 2022 (Wednesday) in the heart of the large housing estate, Whampoa Garden in Whampoa. With its high levels of pedestrian traffic and excellent transport network connectivity, Whampoa Garden, easily accessible by MTR, bus, minibus or car, is an exceptional launch spot for DON DON DONKI’s 10th Hong Kong store location.

    Influenced by the Japanese retro craze, the new store is created around the theme of ‘Showa Retro’, allowing Hong Kong customers to feel as if they have traveled back in time and are living in and experiencing Japan in its evocative Shōwa (pre-’89) era. The store is decorated with traditional Japanese folk crafts such as lanterns, vintage signboards, kendamas (a type of Japanese “skill toy”), and wind chimes, recreating fabulous shopping streets of the Shōwa era.

    The first-ever a la carte bento specialty store, ‘Senraku Deli’ allows customers to fulfill a desire for enjoying freshly-made Japanese cuisine in its absolute best and most nutritious state. Customers can choose their perfect combination of Japanese side dishes with freshly-ground rice (Nanatsuboshi from Hokkaido) to create a favorite bento box. In addition to careful preparation of genuine Japanese ingredients, DON DON DONKI uses seasonings that provide customers with a healthier diet overall, and avoiding the use of plastic packaging wherever possible to encourage consideration for the environment. As a reflection of the concept by DON DON DONKI, the menu development embodies ‘delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly’.

    Since it opened in October 2021, SEN SEN SUSHI has been well received by customers, and so a 4th branch will be introduced at Whampoa. In addition to seating for 112, the store has set up private rooms (a SEN SEN SUSHI first), allowing customers to relax and enjoy authentic sushi in a world of their own. Sushi is carefully crafted from freshly-ground rice, with an original blend of red vinegar, and fresh ingredients sourced from all over the world, together providing the perfect combination of flavours for customers to enjoy.   


    The first Yasuda Seimai store, which opened in June 2022, was also well received by customers, and the second store is now about to open in Whampoa. In addition to freshly milled rice, the store also offers rice balls which can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Japanese rice sold in Hong Kong is generally milled before being exported, degrading the original taste of the rice. In order to let Hong Kong customers enjoy the original full taste of Japanese rice, DON DON DONKI directly imports unpolished rice from Japan, which is then ground in the local factory, supplying it to SEN SEN SUSHI, Yasuda Seimai and the newly launched Senraku Deli. The freshly-polished rice contains a high level of water content, and so the original taste of rice, which is sweet and full of graininess, can be easily appreciated.

    Meanwhile, DON DON DONKI’s popular Wagyukushi (massively popular in Taiwan and Malaysia) will soon be available at DON DON DONKI Whampoa Garden. Kuroge Wagyu beef, carefully selected by meat experts, are gently grilled on an iron plate with the appropriate traditional technique. This is the first Hong Kong DON DON DONKI menu to offer diners a casual dining authentic Wagyu beef experience.

    DON DON DONKI Whampoa Garden Store

    Business Hours   :8am – 1am

    ※Fresh Sushi      :11am – 10pm

    (Order cut-off time:9:15pm)

    ※Yasuda Seimai :8am – 10pm

    Address              :Shop B1-B8 & B27-B32
    Phase 2, Whampoa Fashion Plaza

    Opening Date       : 17th August, 2022 (Wednesday) 10am

    ※The opening time of freshly selected sushi: 11am