Doctors regard hotpot dinner as high-risk activity during novel coronavirus epidemic


    10th February 2020 – (Hong Kong) At least 10 people were infected with novel coronavirus after 19 of them gathered in a Lento Party Room to have hotpot and barbeque. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Joseph Tsang said during a radio program this morning that most of the known aerosol transmission occurred during medical procedures, and the hotpot will continue to create hot air and airflow. After the water droplets of the droplets evaporate, indoor air conditioners or fans can help spread the virus.

    He also pointed out eating hotpot is a high-risk activity during the epidemic, there will be close contact between people and there is the opportunity to spread through droplets or contact. He reminded everyone not to gather. He also said that flushing also generates aerosols, so the toilet board should be covered when flushing.

    Prof. David HUI Shu-cheong, David from CUHK Medical School believes that the heat generated by hotpot can reach 60 degrees Celsius, should kill the virus. However, since there were patients infected with the virus and everyone was sitting close in the Kwun Tong incident, making the virus easy to spread to infect people. When someone coughs, the droplets can travel a distance between 1 meter to 1.8 meters, and people sitting opposite or nearby may be infected by squinting the eyes and touching the nose, causing the virus to enter the human mucosa.