17th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) As the anti-extradition protests continue to gain momentum with more clashes after one another, we have been left wondering why they have turned more violent resulting in more injuries. Hong Kongers are now left in a state of dilemma, on one hand, they are furious and they want the government to listen to the people while on the other hand, they don’t want to see their daily lives disrupted, public infrastructure and economy ruined.

The term ‘anti-extradition protesters’ is no longer appropriate as the group has been further split into different factions. As most people and media are still referring to protesters as a mass, we decided to break them down further into different factions so that the genuine protesters will always adhere to their initial agenda i.e. to fight against the extradition bill in a peaceful manner and not resorting to violence.

There are in principle two groups of protesters i.e. 90% peace-loving protesters and the 10% frontline radical protesters. For the sake of argument, the 90% and 10% hypothetical ratio is just meant to represent the majority and minority as we believe 90% of the protesters are genuine.

The 10% group of frontline radical protesters’s purpose is to lead the 90% herd as all of them share the same common agenda. Meanwhile, the 10% frontline radical protester group is the one that is funded to fit in with the American propaganda.

The different factions of protesters

The other 90% peace-loving protesters are genuinely fighting against the extradition bill and they are concerned with the basic principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ being eroded. In this 90% group, there are also genuine inciters and non-genuine inciters. Genuine inciters are political figures such as Roy Kwong and Jeremy Sham of Civil Humans Rights Front. The 90% is further divided into two factions i.e. the rational adults who have stake in the economy & financial commitments AND young adults & students who are easily infuriated as they have nothing to lose.

Hence, the 10% protesters’ role is meant to lead the 90% herd and confuse them in the process (by destroying the city, disruption the lives of civilians) even though they may share the same goal.

The 10% of frontline protesters is further divided into two factions i.e. the ‘intellectual’ frontline protesters who are responsible for seeking assistance from foreign powers e.g. to pass sanctions against the persons responsible for / complicit in the suppression of rights and freedoms in Hong Kong (comprises mostly student leaders and university students) and the front line ‘soldiers’.

The 10% frontline protesters’ mission is to sway and and infuriate the aggrieved 90% protesters by leveraging on anger harboured by cases of police brutality/abuse of power and government’s lukewarm responses to their demands. After several weeks of intense illegal street rallies, one will notice that the only ‘protesters’ left on the streets are the young adults and students from the 90% protesters. An average Joe with a family and a housing loan will not risk his life to join the illegal street rally.

A girl who ruptured her right eye because she was allegedly shot by bean bag round was sufficient reason to cause the airport to be shut down for two days (Read here). Intellectual frontline protesters seize the first opportunity whenever there is evidence of police brutality or abuse of power, they leverage on social media and anti-establishment media as propaganda machinery to harvest rage and vengeance amongst the 90% protesters.

A student union leader who was caught for possession of 10 laser pointers triggered a districtwide siege of police stations where protesters flashed laser pointers and vandalised their premises incessantly.

Molotov cocktails were thrown, roads were barricaded, MTR services disrupted by the 10% frontline soldiers. Their actions do not represent the consensus of the 90% protesters who only want to ‘BE WATER’ and fight against the government in a peaceful manner and yet many of the 90% protesters are confused but still support their actions.

The 10% front line soldiers subconsciously and constantly mislead them into justifying their illegal and reckless acts to hold the city hostage by creating visuals on social media i.e. apologising for their reckless actions after the airport siege but at the same they are planning another disruption of the airport next week. Does this make any sense to any rational person?

A netizen, Jens was slammed yesterday by some of the ‘90% disillusioned protesters on social media after he posted a picture of a female protester apologising to tourists at the airport with a giant placard on the Hong Kong Expats page:

He included a shoutout on his post:

‘This is such a fake gesture-
Shame on you you stupid children, you should be locked up.


Most of the recent protests have been banned by police and yet only the 10% front line protesters are leading a small minority of the 90% faction members to create chaos and disruption via their guerrilla attacks without taking into consideration public safety. Whenever they were shot and injured by police in all these illegal rallies, they cried like babies over police brutality and they have forgotten that they participated in illegal street rallies. These front line protesters were just thrilled to shortlist another ‘crime’ committed by the embattled police force and to show their results to the 90% protesters to gain empathy and support. They worship the West and seek refuge from them while ignoring the glaring fact that the West is after all the forerunner of police brutality (READ HERE).

The 10% front line protesters are tools used by Western powers to manoeuvre the direction of their destructive results to their advantage. We hope some the 90% protesters who are deep in the game will wake up and realise that while they are fighting against the government, they should not allow loose cannon to lead them into massive destruction by killing themselves in the process.