Disoriented man allegedly consumes three bottles of cough medicine, enters commercial building in Yau Ma Tei erroneously and injures foot


8th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) At 2.54am today, an incident occurred at Sunbeam Commercial Building located at 469 Nathan Road in Yau Ma Tei. A slender-looking individual, appearing to be under the influence, removed the wooden boards that sealed off the entrance gate of the building. As he attempted to enter the premises, he stumbled and fell, injuring his foot and causing it to bleed. The security personnel at the building noticed the bewildered demeanour of the man and promptly reported the incident for assistance.

Rescue and law enforcement personnel arrived at the scene and intended to escort the man out of the building for medical attention. However, the individual appeared dazed and had an unsteady gait, unable to board the ambulance unaided. The combined efforts of the personnel and paramedics were required to assist him. Surprisingly, he tightly grasped onto the gate and refused to be taken to the hospital. Eventually, the personnel managed to pull him away from the building and transported him to receive a medical examination. The case was recorded as a “person feeling unwell.”

According to reports, the building in question had recently suffered damage to its gate, leading the security personnel to temporarily seal it with wooden boards. Unfortunately, it was during this period that someone managed to remove the boards and enter the premises. Additionally, it was discovered that in front of an emergency exit adjacent to the building, there were three empty bottles of cough medicine. This raises the possibility that someone may have consumed these substances, resulting in disoriented behaviour and aimless wandering.