Disney removes ‘Simpsons’ episode with China labour camp reference in Hong Kong


7th February 2023 – (London) The British “Financial Times” pointed out on Monday (6th) that an episode of the American cartoon “The Simpsons” (The Simpsons) was accused of mocking forced labour in China.

The episode, which first aired in October last year during the show’s latest season, was unavailable on the Disney Plus streaming platform in Hong Kong, the Financial Times has learned. This appears to be the second time an episode from the show, which is produced by the Disney-owned 20th Television Animation, has been omitted from the streaming platform.

Disney refused to respond to the incident. The second episode of the 34th season of “The Simpsons”, “One Angry Lisa”, was broadcast on TV for the first time in October last year, in which a character saw a picture of the Great Wall of China during a fitness class, and the teacher introduced: “Look at the miracle of China , bitcoin mines, forced labour camps where children make smartphones.” The United States and other Western countries have repeatedly accused the Chinese government of forcing Uyghurs to work in Xinjiang in recent years, which China has clearly denied.