Discounted eggs infested with bugs shock shoppers in Wellcome supermarket


25th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Shocking discoveries were made by vigilant internet users when discounted eggs at a local supermarket revealed unwelcome guests crawling on their shells. The incident occurred yesterday (24th) when a shopper, intending to purchase a box of eggs at a reduced price, noticed black insects crawling on the eggshells upon closer inspection. Expressing frustration, the shopper remarked, “No wonder they’re on sale.” The presence of bugs in the eggs surprised and alarmed other internet users, with some speculating that the infestation may have occurred due to a broken egg within the box.

The discounted eggs in question, originally priced at HK$24 for a pack of six, were being offered at a special price of only HK$13. A photo shared on the Facebook group “Supermarket Discounts Watch” depicted the Chinese-produced eggs being sold at Wellcome supermarket. The image captured the attention of internet users who were equally astonished. Comments such as “Eggs can have bugs? I’ve never heard of that before” and “This is shocking” flooded the discussion.

Some individuals speculated that the supermarket mishandled the eggs during storage, leading to the infestation caused by leaked egg contents. Others cautioned the original poster, suggesting that despite the reduced price, it would be advisable to purchase Japanese eggs instead.