Discarded birthday cake sparks online speculation in Hong Kong, netizens respond with wit and humour


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A peculiar image posted online of a discarded birthday cake has sparked a flurry of imaginative responses from Chinese netizens, turning an ordinary act of waste into a lively guessing game of its backstory.

The picture, posted by an anonymous netizen, shows a cake inside a box on the roadside next to a rubbish bin. The cake is inscribed with the heartfelt message: “My Husband, Happy Birthday, I Love u.” The enigmatic image has prompted a wave of conjecture and humour from netizens about the possible reasons this birthday surprise ended up discarded.

Dolphin Ngai responded to the post with a chuckle, suggesting a scandalous scenario: “Perhaps she saw her husband with another woman on the way.” Liu Hoi Wan Rachel took a more light-hearted approach, initially mistaking the cake for a paper offering used in traditional Chinese rituals.

Terry Leung extended the narrative: “Turns out she was the third person all along,” implying the sender was the ‘other woman’. Meanwhile, another netizen penned a more melancholic conjecture: “Thinking about a future filled with doubts. Who made you overthrow your principles of love?”

Some netizens, like Teresa Leung, veered off-topic, more interested in the brand of the cake that had melted in the box. Others, like Yeung Yeung, took a poetic route: “East, west will come – what happened in this circle? Like the sparrow king, you’ve lost 101 times.”

The guessing game took a humorous turn when Kondy Kwok suggested: “Nothing’s wrong. The husband’s birthday wish was to quit gambling!” Lee Kai Ho added another layer of intrigue: “Try pulling the birthday tag, there might be money underneath.”

Stray Cat’s response was another twist in the tale: “She came home and saw him with another woman.” Chill So continued the narrative with a hint of suspense: “The cake was originally spiked, but at the last minute she had a change of heart.”

Christina Lee suggested a third-party involvement: “The cake was from the other woman, so he couldn’t bring it home.” While Gary Yuen made a gambling reference: “Even if the cake was a winning hand, he couldn’t play it. He even dropped the cake!”

Carol Saratoga humorously suggested the husband was spooked as the cake resembled a paper offering. Jasmine Ng and Kenneth Chan speculated about a broken relationship, while Mikeowen Mak joked about the inedibility of the cake, suggesting it should be burned instead.

Sandy Ka Yi Liu took a more solemn tone: “Did they divorce?” while Ken Chan K K humorously pondered: “She might have bought it then realised she doesn’t have a husband.”