Director of tugboat company in South Korea says owner and insurance company plan to sink the capsized Jumbo Floating Restaurant into the sea


24th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) The 46-year-old Jumbo Floating Restaurant sailed out of the Aberdeen last Tuesday (14th) and headed to the waters near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea before being reported to have sunk. The owner of the barge, Aberdeen Catering Group, issued a statement earlier, stating that Jumbo Floating Restaurant capsized on 19th June. It also pointed out that the water depth at the location of the accident was more than 1,000 metres, and it was also very difficult to carry out salvage works. The statement has caused widespread misunderstanding that the restaurant has completely sunk into the sea.

As of yesterday (23rd), the Marine Department announced that it had received a report from the owner, stating that the ocean tugboat “JAEWON 9” was still in the waters of the Paracel Islands and Aberdeen Catering Group clarified again that Jumbo Floating Restaurant has capsized. The director of the international tugboat company in South Korea responsible for transporting Jumbo Floating Restaurant to Cambodia revealed that 6 of Jumbo Floating Restaurant’s 8 buoyancy tanks were still in operation, but the ship had capsized and parts of the hull were exposed. The director claimed that it was declared as an accident due to insurance issues as it was completely impossible to salvage the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. He also revealed that the ship’s owner and insurance company are planning to arrange for divers to destroy other buoyancy tanks so that it can sink into the sea.