Director of the National Security Division says he has never received any sexual services at Viet Spa during cross examination

Frederic Choi Chin-pang

16th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) Frederic Choi Chin-pang, director of the National Security Division of the Hong Kong Police Force allegedly visited an unlicensed massage parlour in March last year. After the incident, one man and three women were charged with operating a prostitution establishment and an unlicensed massage parlour. The trial continued today (16th) at the Eastern District Magistrates’ Court.

The magistrate ruled that prima facie evidence of the case was established. All four defendants decided not to testify, but the male defendant called Choi as a defence witness. Choi confessed that he had been to the massage parlour 4 to 5 times, and he had never received any sexual services there, and no one had ever proposed to him. Under cross-examination by the prosecution, he admitted that he did not know the service received by other customers.

The defendants in the case are Lee (36 years old, massage therapist), Yuen (34 years old, unemployed), Cheung  (35 years old, massage therapist) and Wu (61 years old, male, unemployed). The charges allege that on  28th October, 2020, Yuen operated a prostitution establishment under the name of  "Viet Spa" at 191-193 Johnston Road, Wan Chai whereas Cheung managed the prostitution establishment at the same premises.  On  19th March, 2021, Lee managed the prostitution establishment and massage parlour without valid licenses at the same premises. Wu was charged with operating a prostitution establishment and a massage parlour without a valid license at the same premises from 28th October 2020 to 19, March 2021. 

Choi who appeared at the court today confessed that he visited Viet Spa on 19th March, 2021. When the police raided the premises that day, he and a masseuse were in the same room, but he did not recognise her and although he has been to Viet Spa about 4-5 times, the first time was in mid-2021. He said that he has never received any sexual services nor has anyone ever offered him any sexual services. He stayed around 1 hour or less each time.

There was no sign inside or outside of Viet Spa that revealed the provision of sexual services, or any "masturbation" services, and before he entered Viet Spa, there was no basis for him to suspect that the place would provide sexual services. When the counsel representing the defendant Cheung cross-examined Choi, he asked whether Choi was served by the same masseuse when he visited Viet Spa in the past, or whether it was different masseuse each time. Choi said he never picked a masseuse, saying it was different every time.

When the prosecution cross-examined Choi, they asked whether Choi visited in a private capacity and he was also unaware of the police anti-vice operation that day. The prosecution continued that before Choi's visit that day, it was impossible to confirm whether Viet Spa had a licence, nor did he inquire about anything other than massage. Choi concurred, and also said that he did not know any managers or staff at the premises. The prosecution also pointed out that Choi's observation of Viet Spa was limited to its public space and was not aware of the services provided by other masseuses to others. Choi agreed that he was not aware. After Choi's, testimony, both the prosecution and defence completed calling witnesses, and the magistrate adjourned the case to 23rd September.