Dimsumdaily Recipe: Noodles in Pumpkin sauce

Picture copyright : Dimsumdaily

How do we cook gourmet food at home when cost of everthing is so expensive in Hong Kong? In this recipe video, we demonstrate how you can cook a gourmet meal for 4 for only HKD71.50! It’s very easy and delicious, you can get most of the ingredients from your local market.


First, dice the onion, chilli and brown mushrooms. Cut the pumpkins into slices before boiling them in chicken stock for over 15 minutes. Blend the pumpkins and the stock until they become liquid form. Boil the chicken breasts separately for around 15 minutes and cut them into small bites.

Stir fry diced onion and chilli in a casserole with oil before adding in mushrooms, chicken. Add in the pumpkin sauce and cooking cream. Season with a few pinches of salt before adding in the Shanghai noodles. Continue to cook for ten minutes and switch off the gas. Close the lid for another 5 minutes and serve. Garnish with chopped parsley and season with black pepper.

Difficulty : 1/5

Time required : 40 minutes

Ingredients (Serve 4)

Half pumpkin HK$6

Chicken fillets HK$25

Shanghai noodles HK$6

Half onion HK$1

5 brown mushrooms HK$7

Chilli HK$0.50

Parsley HK$3

Cooking cream HK$23

TOTAL : HK$71.50