Dimsumdaily Recipe: Homemade Breakfast toasts


There are many cafes in Hong Kong that serve breakfast toasts for a hefty price. Have you ever thought of making them on your own? You can use any brown bread to pair with assorted toppings.

In this recipe, we have created 6 simple variations of toasts :

a) Salmon and Gouda cheese toast with salmon roe/sour cream;

b) Figs with Parma ham toast;

c) Mashed avocado toast with chia seeds (simply mash avocados with olive oil and season with black pepper);

d) Banana toast with natural black sesame spread. Sprinkle some flax seeds on top;

e) Smoked salmon with caviar and tomato toast;

f) Half boiled egg toast with mashed avocado spread.

Difficulty : 2/5

Time required : 30 minutes