Dimsum Daily’s Facebook page has moved to a new address


    Our official Facebook Page Dimsumdaily Hong Kong (https://www.facebook.com/dimsumdailyhk/) has been unpublished by Facebook on 3rd March 2019 because they feel that we may have been churning out certain news articles that encourage real-world harm, including (but not limited to) physical, financial and emotional injury. Facebook can truly do as they please with no consequences, they don’t have to explain anything to anyone because social media is after all controlled by them.

    The Dimsum Daily team strives to bring to our fans daily dosage of up-to-the-minute unbiased local, international news and viral content that no other English media would report in Hong Kong. We want to keep our readers informed of the latest happenings regardless of how ugly the incidents may be. Some news contents such as suicides may cause emotional distress to certain readers but readers have a choice to avoid them. While we agree with Facebook policies on upholding community standards, we also feel that censoring our readers completely from the realities of the world, however disturbing those realities might be, is often impossible, especially in an internet age.  We will therefore have to seek the balance by weighing the public interest value of our content against the risk of real-world harm.

    We would like readers who like our page to go directly to our website for the latest news updates and visit our Facebook page by clicking here.