Digital ink paintings and animations by HK artist Wong Chung-yu on display at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


22nd November 2021 – (Hong Kong)  The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (HKVAC) is staging the exhibition “Centrifugal Art Force – Digital Ink Painting and Animation of Wong Chung Yu” from today. Featuring 14 digital ink paintings and animations by Hong Kong artist Wong Chung-yu, the exhibition presents the impeccable union of digital technology and ink painting.
Wong Chung-yu has practised ink art for 20 years, exploring ways to reinterpret classical culture through the adoption of contemporary approaches. Integrating the knowledge that he has acquired from his experience in digital art practice, Wong has developed and published an ink painting program called “Pure ink” with free downloads in the hope of promoting digital ink art as widely as possible. The paintings featured in this exhibition were created with the “Pure ink” program and were exported through the high-resolution output function integrated into the software. The output images were then printed on xuan (rice) paper with the application of the giclee printing technique. The animations on display were produced with the diffusion system of the software, showing the variations and forces in the ink between condensed and diluted states and between wet and dry conditions.
The exhibition will run from today until December 6 at the Exhibition Hall of the HKVAC at 7A Kennedy Road, Central. A talk entitled “Art Talk – Centrifugal Art Force – Digital Ink Painting and Animation of Wong Chung Yu” will be held at the Lecture Theatre of the HKVAC on 27th November (Saturday). Wong will discuss his experience ranging from contemporary ink painting to digital technology application, and show the possibilities of ink painting and digital technology in “Pure ink”. For details of the exhibition and the art talk, please visit the website at or call 3101 2770.