Digestive system of green sea turtle hit by boat in North Point found to contain marine debris during autopsy


23rd November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Sea pollution has seriously threatened the living environment of marine life. The Aquatic Animal Virtopsy Lab of the City University of Hong Kong has recently processed the body of a green sea turtle found in the waters of North Point. After the autopsy, it was found that the entire digestive system of the green sea turtle was stuffed with marine debris such as plastic bags, sponge and beverage packs.

The green sea turtle was suspected to be hit by a boat.

According to the research team, the male green sea turtle’s carcass is more than 90 cm in length, and the carapace is also more than 80 cm in length. It belongs to an adult individual. After detailed anatomy, it was found that the green turtle’s carapace and abdomen had three balanced wounds. The research team believes that the green sea turtle was killed by the impact of a ship during its lifetime.